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Feedback Thread (2)

This thread is for posting your experiences buying and selling on the Roon Community Site. Let us know how it's going!

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FS: Meridian Explorer 2 - MQA decoder and renderer + headphone amplifier (4)
FS: Pro-ject Streambox S2 Ultra (1)
FS: Allo BOSS DAC with Raspberry Pi [SOLD] (3)
FS: ATLAS CABLES Eos Modular Power Distribution Block UK (1)
FS: Topping D50 USB DAC (1)
FS: Various Sbooster BOTW ECO MkII Power Supplies (1)
FS: KEF LS50 Wireless (2)
FS: Allo Piano DAC with Raspberry Pi (1)
FS: NUC 7i7 BNH 120 - 20 ROCK [SOLD] (2)
FS: Devialet 200 -- original owner [SOLD] (2)
FS: Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i white wireless streaming speaker (1)
FS: Uptone Audio LPS-1.2 UltraCap linear power supply [SOLD] (3)
FS: Audio Alchemy DMP-1 Streamer [SOLD] (3)
FS: 2 x Amazon Fire HD 10 Android tablet/Roon remote (1)
FS: Meridian MS200 - Media Source 200 [SOLD] (8)
FS: Fanless NUC running ROCK - Intel NUC i7 - 8th Gen - NUC7i7DNHE [SOLD] ( 2 ) (29)
FS: Mivera Audio Superstream Optical Network Roon Bridge USB Output (3)
FS: Schiit Lyr 2 Headphone Amp (1)
FS: iFi iDAC2 - iFi USB2 - iFi iPower - double headed USB cable (1)
INFO: SuperFi Liquidation Auction (7)
FS: Wyred 4 Sound Recovery (2)
FS: Chord Mojo (New in box) (1)
FS: Topping D10 USB DAC [SOLD] (5)
FS: Artistic Fidelity - GISO GB LAN Isolator (5)
FS: KEF Q350 (black) price dropped (1)
FS: Sonictransporter AP 8TB [SOLD] (4)
FS: Audio Research Ref 75 SE (fully balanced tube amp) (2)
FS: Pair of Ethernet to SFP Media Converters with Fiber Optic cable (1)