1.2 distorts hirez and 44.1 material [fixed]

Stupidly I installed 1.2 immediately after getting the message instead of waiting a few days. Well, it didn’t work, even after a complete restart of my Mac. There is serious distortion with hirez and 44.1 KHz files. Re-installed 1.1 and it works again.

OS 10.11.4

iTunes library > Roon > DiracAudioProcessor > Weiss Firewire interface to AES/EBU > Devialet

Where is Roon’s quality control?

Have you stopped to consider for a second the problem might be on your side. Is your dirac’s capabilities being detected in setup…if not it may be its driver does not accurately report the dirac’s playback capabilities…Roon requires the driver to report the devices capabilities, which was not the case in 1.1

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Hey @WKW,

Would you mind try to enable “Use Power-of-2 Hardware Buffer Size” in zone settings ? Let us know if it helped.


1.2 asked to choose the desired zone at start up and that’s where I pointed it to.

Took the plunge and tried 1.2 again. Everything set correctly and Dirac’s abilities detected again resulted in distortions. Enabling “Use Power-of-2 Hardware Buffer Size” in zone settings helped.

Can anybody explain why in v. 1.2 there are more details and settings necessary than in v. 1.1?

What exactly is this Hardware Buffer Size and which hardware does this refer to?


Hello @WKW,

Glad to hear that you are all fixed now. Feel free to visit our Knowledge base to get more info about Roon.

Answer to your question about buffer size can be found in this article.


The increased details and settings include more problem solving options. Some of these are included because of hard won experience with odd choices made by other hardware/software engineers. Some of them arise from the new audio system introduced with 1.2. In 1.2 Roon asks devices what they can do and implements outputs based on the answers. As devices become better at reporting their capabilities, this will be a better long term foundation. But at the moment there are devices which frankly lie and others which hide their talents under a bushel. Some of the new options assist in dealing with such ill-mannered behaviour.

The KB article linked by Vova above sets out what every setting does. If it is a problem solving setting and you don’t have a problem, just leave the default.

I am also getting distortion on Hires material with 1.2. Was perfect under 1.1.

Roon-RPi2 running PiCorePlayer-HDMI-Marantz 8801.

Regular 44.1kHz plays fine but the longer a HiRes track plays the more distortion (crackling) I hear.

I am going to try going back to 1.1 if I can find a copy.

Thank you both, andybob and vova.

Think might be an odd sort of red herring - seems to be an issue with Hey Now 24bit by London Grammar - looking at the flac file it is limiting big time. I have now tested other HD files which are fine. Odd that the same file played via Airplay sounds fine. I am going to dig out my London Grammar CD to check that.


Have you tested the file using flac - may be that it’s corrupted.