1.3 - Audio analysis skipping files[fixed-ish]

I noticed that quite a few of my newer albums are not getting analyzed so there is no DR. I tried manually rescanning and reanalyzing but nothing happens. I checked to see if the files were skipped in Settings but they are not listed as being skipped. Any ideas?

I can confirm this behavior. I waited for my whole collection to finish analyzing, but when I went to the track list, about 6 or so tracks from different albums weren’t analyzed. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why those particular tracks weren’t analyzed. I manually reanalyzed the affected albums and that worked for me.

Strange because manually reanalyzing doesnt do anything for me.

UPDATE - if I rename the album folder then Roon will analyze a few of the tracks but not all of them. I hope this is not my solution though…going through and renaming all the albums that were not analyzed is not ideal since my folder names are very specific with release date and title. @support Any ideas???

UPDATE - in looking at the track listing, about 3/4 of my library was not analyzed. Sometimes a few songs from an album are analyzed, sometimes entire albums are skipped.

Roon is still analyzing the files ? Can you take a screenshot of the Library tab in Settings ?

No, analyzing is complete. Here is the screenshot.

Here is an example of some songs within the same album (folder) being skipped.

I PM’ed you to get the logs.

@vova, related to the skipped files:

The list of skipped files is not updated, even if the library is cleaned (after deletion of the error causing files).
I think when the library is cleaned, and the files is deleted, it should also be deleted from the list.

Maybe something for build 195 :wink:

Thanks for the report I’ll check that.

Curious, it seems not many people are having this issue? No matter what I do I cannot get Roon 1.3 to analyze my entire library. Whats weird is that according to File Info, all my files have the legacy volume Legacy Roon Analyzer volume data so at least the previous version was able to analyze all my music.

According to Odd behavior. DR does not show until a track is played you’ve found a way to fix an issue.