1.3 - Background Audio Analysis Speed

Greetings. Playing with 1.3 (who isn’t!!)

So, with the options for audio analysis, we go from throttled to 4 cores.
What should one best pick for a sonic transporter i5?

It is safe to put it to the highest core count possible, as long as you don’t have issues with normal playback.
Letting a CPU with all it’s cores do the analysis is where it is build for (and where you in the end paid for ;))

There are other Rooners, having no issues at all, on very limited power systems:

There is another major difference compared to the last Roon version: while under heavy processor load there are no more audio stream interruptions or, even worse, stream distortions leading to hazardous static noise on the speakers! Everything seems to be working rock-solid now.


Agreed. I have my i5 going 4 cores and there’s no playback issues although the unit is very hot. Not too hot to touch though.