1.3 build 196 - new Sonos icon perspective inconsistent [Ticket]

Just installed the latest build that was supposed to correct the missing icon for the older Sonos ZP-80. The good news is that there is indeed now a proper icon. The bad news is the perspective is different from the other Sonos icons. See below. The top icon is the new one for the ZP-80.

Mirror Mirror on the wall … one for @support to note.

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Hi @tboooe ----- Thank you for the feedback here! Letting you know that a ticket has been taken out regarding this issue and is currently with our developers .


I think the ZP80 icon is fine…it’s a mirror of the ZP90 icon…and I don’t think you have too many options, as the ZP80 and ZP90 are identical externally

Thats fine…I didnt realize Roon wanted them to look different. If so thats fine with me. Its just that the ZP100 and ZP120 icons are the same even though they look different in real life so I thought Roon was going for a single icon to represent all Sonos devices.