1.3 can't get beyond animated logo [fixed]

Hi Ben

I upgraded half an hour ago and it seems to have got rid of the spinning logo issue. Also CPU usage is now back to normal (one CPU was constantly at 100% previously).

I’ve tried restarting RoonServer a few times and still no sticking. I’ll monitor it - but that does seem to have done the trick.

What was the issue?

Thanks, Simon

I’m glad it worked, we weren’t quite sure it would :slight_smile:

As for what the issue was, we still don’t know exactly, but:

One of the things we did for 1.3 was try to improve performance generally. In particular for this problem, we replaced our very simple search algorithm (just look at each album in order) with a more complicated and much faster one with an index. I wrote the index code in C to hide it from the C# garbage collector (and allow really fine control over memory usage generally). The problem you were experiencing seems to have been that that C code had an infinite loop in the code to add new search terms to the index, which caused Roon to hang with one core spinning 100%. Last week Danny and I spent some time re-writing and cleaning up the index code in an attempt to smoke out the bug, and found a couple places were the search term null-termination was handled inconsistently. One of those seems to have fixed the problem.

I hope that explanation made sense and hit the correct level of detail :slight_smile:

It does. Thanks Ben.