1.3 crashing on MacMini

Same here,
1.3 crashes on my Mac mini (Late 2014), 8Gb, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 1TB HD +128gb SSD dual drive, crashes all the time.
I’m still in evaluation phase, spent a great Sunday, listing to my local files, enjoying roon’s great interface.
I use a RPi3 with Hifiberry Digi+ clone as roon bridge, connected via optical output to a Devialet Phantom Gold setup. Since Monday evening roon core software crashes just 20 sec. after restarting. I already reinstalled roon 1.3 (built 196) several times, not change. I deleted roon folder in library folder and set up from scratch 2 times. Same, after my 22k mp3 and hires (alac 44.1-192k, 24bit) local files are detected from 2 folders on a USB connected drive plugged on the Mac mini, at some point roon 1.3 either crashes or becomes unresponsive (not responding). Is on of the files a problem? I have no problem with the same files using Moode player (a derivate of Rune, Volume… and the like), nor with Devialet Spark software. So I think my flies are not corrupted. Have still a few days left for evaluation during trial period, but as is, its a no-go.

Hi @streamy68 ----- I went ahead and split your post into a new thread so we can help troubleshoot this issue. I will be contacting you momentarily via PM to grab some logs.