1.3 Mac: NAS folder empty [fixed by restarting the NAS]

1.3 has been able to locate my NAS, but the folder is said to be empty. It is not, of course: it has 13 different folders in it with different kinds of music. This was all working fine previously, so I’m not sure why 1.3 can’t see the sub-folders and their content.

Roon is running on a sonic transporter linked to my synology NAS. Remotes are iPads and macbookpros.

I had this issue. Turns out I needed to restart the smb share on my synology nas. You can do that either by restarting it or by clearing the smb cache which forces a networking restart on the nas.

Thanks! That seems to be working now! Great!

To the team - 1.3 looks terrific!