1.3 - post rescanning, adding, manual cleanup work clarifications


Just so that i can be prepared to carry out the cleanup work, asking following as clarification.

In preparation for 1.3 install, besides the obvious of backing up the Roon and RoonServer folders in %localappdata%, i stopped adding any new music materials, giving Roon Server to have that quiesce period.

So, i know where i left off in the Recently Added list with 1.2.

With the 1.3 installed, and it doing its thing, i.e. rescanning files and adding music, i’m seeing (very small thus far) out of 75302 total tracks and 5491 albums, 5 “new” albums that showed up in the Recently Added with “partial” tracks listing.

So far, i’m just letting 1.3 finish its thing.

But wanted to ask following:

These so called new albums that are showing up in the Recently Added list, i’m assuming they are showing up because of better matching, metadata enhancements and such.

And i as an end user should revisit these albums to help validate them, and that the track listing, grouping and such are consistent as they were before.

Is that right?

They could also appear due to the changes we’ve made to a folder watching mechanism - maybe you had a folder which was ignored by Roon in 1.2. It can also be a multichannel content which was ignored in previous build. We’ve also improved the way how Roon handles MP3 content - that’s another factor to take into the account.

But you are right, it is a good idea to make a sanity check of those albums.

Ok, thanks for that.

Perhaps i had a fairly clean 1.2 database, since after 1.3 update, letting it do its housekeeping overnight, this morning, i was left with (since last pint the new materials were added, and shown in the Recently Added list, the 1.3 has shown me 10 apparent new albums, that i need to sort out their tracks.

That’s fine, i guess i had expected some manual effort cleanup.

But what i don’t know clearly is, are the rescanning and adding, now done?

Asking this because as mentioned in below thread, i’m still seeing this continued spinning wheel, that quite frankly i don’t know what that is indicative of, what background activity going on (other than the usual Analyzing that continues).

, i’m seeing continued spinning wheel.