1.3 Roon lost control of the audio device (when starting DSD playback) [Resolved - 1.3]

Since 1.3 I experience an issue playing DSD files. When starting playback of the album, the selected audio zone disappears en the blue button [select audio zone] shows for two seconds. Then the previous audio zone appears again automatically. Playback however does not start and an error message is shown: Roon lost control of the audio device.

However, if I progress manually to somewhere in the song, the DSD file plays without any problem. Also during playback it progresses well to the next song.

I am not using any add ones like HQ Player, just plain Roon.

My DAC does not support DSD so the Mac Mini down converts to 96KHZ like in version 1.2. Maybe this got broken with the update?

Hi @Richard_Verhart ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. May I kindly ask you to provide me with the following information to help aide in my evaluation of this issue. Please see below.

  1. A brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.

  2. Please describe your network configuration / topology as well as providing insight into any networking hardware you may be implementing in your setup. I want to get an idea of how your devices are communicating and what tools are being used to make those connections possible

  3. Screenshots of your audio settings in Roon.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your quick reply, but since core 1.3 (196) was installed, I have not been able to reproduce the problem. So I believe it is solved now.


Hi @Richard_Verhart ---- Thank you for the follow and sharing your feedback with me. Glad to hear that the expected functionality has returned. I will be listing this thread as “resolved” but please keep me updated if this issue happens to re-surface and we can re-open this case if need be :microscope:. Happy listening!