1.3...Sonos icon for zp-80 missing [ticket in]

Curious why one of my Sonos zones icon is a speaker versus the Zoneplayer icon? The one zone that is being shown as a speaker is a non-amplified Sonos Zoneplayer ZP-80.

This is probably just us missing a Sonos device. We don’t have a complete set of all Sonos devices in house, and just didn’t get all the identifiers before shipping.

Can you please zip up the Logs (they are in your Roon database folder) from your core system and upload it to Dropbox? If you don’t have a dropbox account or a place to upload a zip please let me know and I’ll PM you some instructions.

That’s really odd… my ZP-80s are showing the correct icons.

It probably doesnt help that my Sonos devices are old.

@tboooe – please get us those logs so we can fix this quickly… old or not, we should have it working and it should be trivial if we can see the logs.

@danny and @ben

I was seriously confused… wouldn’t be the first time. I was thinking the zone showing the proper icon was a ZP80. It’s a ZP-100 (also old hardware). Just lit up a ZP-80 and it’s showing the generic speaker icon.

Here’s a log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61963386/RS_ZP80_Log.txt.Z

Zone is called “DO NOT USE!!!” Should be pretty easy to find in there :slight_smile:

@ben is on it :slight_smile:

thanks @AMP

Cool thank you @AMP. Does that mean you dont need my logs???

We don’t, the one from @AMP has everything I need. If you or anyone else has this problem with a different Sonos device in the future, we just need a copy of the log and we’ll get it fixed.


Both of my ZP 90 (now called Connect) were shown correctly.

No rush at all on this but just wanted to make sure this was not fixed in build 193 that was pushed out last night?

Correct, not fixed in build 193.

zp80 is a less powerful zp90, which was renamed to connect… we are going to show the manual link for the connect and the image of the zp80/90