1.3 - Tracks view bug[Ticket in]

I noticed sometimes in tracks view, a column heading that I have disabled reappears. Specifically, I disabled Album Artists but sometimes it reappears. I am not sure what causes this yet but it has happened a few times already.

Here in this image you can see that Album Artists is disabled.

Here you can see the same view after I select to sort on DR, Album Artists column disappears

It works fine here. Would you mind to provide the steps with which you can reproduce this issue ?


Thats the problem…I cant reliably reproduce the issue. When I initially disable the Album Artist everything looks fine. Album Artist will just randomly appear again. This has happened at least 5 times since yesterday. I will keep an eye on it and try to capture what conditions lead to this.

Hi @vova and @tboooe,

I can reproduce.

  1. Edit the tracks browser screen and add dynamic range if it’s not already there.
  2. Click to sort on DR
  3. Edit screen layout and remove Album Artist
  4. Quit Roon Remote and restart
  5. Album Artist returns, even though it’s still Disabled.

Cheers, Greg

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thank you @greg…this is definitely one scenario for sure but not the only scenario when this happens. In my case, I never quite Roon. I just go away from it to do some other things on my computer like emails and when I return to the Roon window Album Artist is displayed even though I disabled it before.

It’s probably all related. Now that they can reproduce it, they can fix it for all scenarios.

Cheers, Greg

Just wanted to provide another random scenario. I left Roon on an artist page after I changed the image. About 45 mins I go into Settings Library to check on the status of the background analysis. I then exit and go to Tracks view… Album Artists column is displayed. Going away to any other page then returning to Tracks view does not fix the problem. Actually sorting on any column will make Album Artist go away.

More info this time on my Android Roon remote. The Album Artist always come back if I exit and restart the app. It doesn’t matter if I exit from the Tracks page or Artists or Discover, etc. This is repeataable.

Hi @vova,

Has a ticket been produced for this issue?

Cheers, Greg

Yes, ticket is in. My apologize - forgot to update this thread…