1.3 upgrade woes [resolved]

So my whole library is reloading with the new 1.3 release? My Recently Added albums are all messed up now! How do I get the prior dates for these Recently Added albums to be recognized?

This happened with me, too. Running on a Linux Core and I did backup my database, but didn’t use it.

To be clear, all my albums were there, just as I had them before, but the whole library was rescanned and many albums that were skipped were added. Now that I think about it, maybe this is two different dynamics.

rescan is very different than re-add.

if your import dates are messed up, then this is a re-add, which should not be happening.

@Sarah_Clement – can you get us the details of your setup and a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the Storage tab of Settings?

It would also be great if you could zip up the logs folder from your database and send us a Dropbox link or something similar? If you don’t have anywhere to upload the logs to, just type out @support and someone will get you instructions for uploading the logs to us.


My core is a Sonic Transporter i5 and my remotes are all Apple devices or laptops. I will try to find the log but probably need instructions. I did back up my Roon dB before updating to 1.3.

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No problem. Start here and let us know how it goes:

@Sarah_Clement – we either forgot a migration case or there is a bug. EIther way we can get this resolved. I’m glad you have that backup! :heart:

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That’s good to hear. Should I go ahead and delete the Roon dB that populated with the 1.3 update and copy over my saved one? Or wait for you to do something else?

before you go do that, @mike needs your logs

I found the Logs in my roon dB folder but how do I “zip them up” and send them to you? Just select them and put them in Dropbox?

that will work, and then PM me a shared link

I’ve got as far as copying the Logs file to my Dropbox. Even managed to create a zip file of it in my Dropbox. Have no idea how to get either one of those to you via a PM. Do you have an email?

Just click my name and tap Message – thanks!

Did you get the link? I’m not sure I did it correctly

I sure did – we’re going to look them over and we’ll follow up.

Thanks again!

OK Mike, great. I have my saved dB if I need it. I’ll check back in the morning!

I’ve looked through the logs, and it looks like you added 3 new watched folders after upgrading to Roon 1.3. Is that correct?

If so, I think the problem you’re having is caused by having ‘nested’ watched folders, where some of your folders are contained in some other folders. This causes Roon to see the tracks twice with slightly different location IDs and relative paths, and get confused. Deleting the Roon DB from 1.3 and copying the saved one from 1.2 should fix your problem. Be careful to not delete or move the 1.2 backup!

Same issue with our two sonicTransporter i5’s

We didn’t get around to backing up our database’s but we didn’t have any background audio analysis and other stuff turned on anyway. No favourites and no edited albums, so not a huge deal for us. The messed up import order is the biggest inconvenience though. I’m sure we’ll get over it.

Turning on audio analysis for the first time ever, to use the new DR meters.

I had to adjust my Watched Folders because in the 1.3 update, they were changed, and not all of my music was picked up.