1.5 B320 Windows Remote Tidal scrolling issue

@support When showing all in Tidal albums view Windows 10 Roon Client to Roon Server Core scrolling left or right (in Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) full screen from Mac OSX 10.11.6) it goes from left max to right max …passing all the dots in-between. Using magic mouse II

And to some extent in Library album view too when left to right or right to left it jumps many screen fulls of albums at a time.

As my Windows machine is headless I only use MRD for this. Seems to be ok from Mac client and iPad too

Hey @wizardofoz — Thanks for the report, it is appreciated!

Besides the Roon update, have there been any other changes that could be related to this observed behavior? Have any scroll settings changed in your MacOS or Remote Desktop settings? Try changing some settings there and see if that resolves this behavior.

I don’t typically use this remote but was just testing it to make sure it was working after the core and remote upgraded (both on the same windows machine) upgraded form V1.4 B310

@wizardofoz — Understood, thanks for the update.

One thing to try is turning off Inertial Scrolling in Mac’s accessibility settings - it looks like sometimes that can cause issues when you’re using Windows Remote Desktop. Are you only experiencing this behavior within Roon on the Core machine?

Seems to be but then as I noted that’s the only way I access this core as it’s headless…if I click the dots I can get to the in between pages. But even slowly moving jumps from left to right all the way