1.6 Andriod phone DSP

I see that one can view basic DSP settings, but there is no way to actually set up crossfeed, EQ, etc.

In the past I you went to a full screen Roon (tablet, PC core, etc.) and in the in the audio settings (or was it zone?) you had access to the phones DSP. This function is now missing in 1.6. How do I adjust specifics such as EQ on or for a phone??

Make it a non-private zone. Then you can pick it + change its settings like any other zone.

Thanks. It was a “private zone” for some unknown reason, by default I suppose. I would ask why zones are “private” or not, and why DSP is buried beneath it such that adjusting it is dependent upon said privacy, but it’s late and I don’t care except to note that Roon is now officially unwieldy, non-intuitive, etc.

Phones are not usually used to play to a space and are more often used by individuals for their personal music hence they default to Private Zones meaning the Queue (and other Zone functions) are controlled only from the phone. DSP is a zone function, so in order for a DSP capable Control to see the phone, you need to turn off Private Zone.

Imagine if the Queue on your phone could be controlled by your bratty younger brother at the desktop.

Being an audiophile, I don’t have a “bratty younger brother”. This is no doubt the norm for Roon customers (i.e. older, in full control of their households, etc.).

Thanks for the explanation, but it still begs the question why DSP is buried beneath “zoning”. Whatever the logic used to get there, it is counter intuitive - who associates zoning with device specific DSP? In any case, I would think that if you sit down at the Roon core you should be able to control everything regardless of device grouping, zones, endzones, touchdowns, and the local weather.

By the way, I commented in the 1.6 feedback thread on how the gain in DSP is now just a slider (the text entry has gone missing) and is too close/sensitive to the windowing slider. I easily caused a sudden 12db increase trying to control the windowing slider so I could see Q, etc. This is equipment/ear damaging stuff. This makes DSP dangerous with a mouse, and will avoid it altogether with touch tablets. Just mentioning it here because I suspect this bug was lost in that thread…