1.6 Crashing On Windows 10

I just hit this on Windows 7 while playing “Magical Arif [Remix]” via Internet Radio. Same blank white screen with a red X, then crash.

That problem seems to be trigered by some special characters in the title of song being played.
The “[ ]” are among them.
Until the bug is fixed the work around would be to access Roon from an Android or Linux Controller and play some other song with no special characters in the title.
That should set the Windows app back to work.

Hello All,

We have just released Roon v1.6 build 401 which addresses this issue:

Roon 1.6 (Build 401) Is Live! Software Release Notes

Hi everyone! A new maintenance release is now rolling out for all platforms, with bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated designs for some of the UI changes in Roon 1.6. Today’s release includes a number of refinements for the footer and the Now Playing screen. We’ve heard a lot of great feedback on the changes in Roon 1.6, and we think the changes made over the last few weeks are big improvement. We hope you agree and we’re looking forward to hearing from everyone! We’ve added the m…

Please give the update a try and let me know how it goes!


@noris the new release seems to have fixed de “]” “[” issue… thank you…


Works for me.

What was crashing the software reliably for me was the site known as “Audiophile Classical” at the URL http://stream.psychomed.gr Seems okay now. Thanks for the support.

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