1.6 improved sound?

Is it my imagination, or does Roon 1.6 produce a clearer, brighter sound. With a much improved soundstage?

MacBook Pro, irDAC 2, Rega Brio R, B+W CM5s

It’s your imagination :sunglasses:


The misses noticed it too, so it has to be very obvious lol

I thought it had a bit better presentation myself, but Roon weighed in and said there were no changes to RAAT. We all have better listening days than others.

I’ll count it as one of those then pity, it seems much improved.

How can you be uncertain if you hear a “much improved soundstage” or not? . If something is “much improved” then it should be without any doubt.

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On the feedback thread Roon employees explain that no changes from 1.5 to 1.6 could have altered the SQ. You and the misses could be suffering from that common Audiophile malady of “I changed X and now I hear Y” which is nothing but bias, wishful thinking, etc.


Perhaps you inadvertently changed something else in your playback chain, or maybe something in Roon itself (DSP maybe). Still, this would be something that is not “caused” by 1.6

It is “without a doubt” both of us hear it but, as you can see, Roon say no. There must be another explanation.

Yes, I’ll agree with that, must be a cable or I’ve moved something. Interesting though.

Music is very emotional and often dfficult to quantify what sounds better. I have good equipment and can tell when it hits me better. That said, part of it is your mood, how you feel, etc. But several people have weighed in that they thought v1.6 sounded better. YMMV

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Could also be the weather. Sound changes with temperature, air pressure and atmospheric humidity all the time.

True, there is an explanation, I don’t have it lol.

Sure, I don’t any factor from making some slight differences. Also could be the interaction of the v1.6 software and Roon partner equipment software too. My main endpoint is made by PS Audio (DSJ) and they are always tweaking their code to make it sound better.