1.6 Libray issue on

After upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6 I lost about 7000 tracks in my library despite all watched folders are still visible in the storage section??
Running core on Synolgy NAS 1511+ with 4GB memory (Linux 64)
Bridges are: Denon AVR 4520 via Airplay, Oppo 205, Asus Laptop Win 10, Media PC Win 7,
Remotes: Huawei MediaPad, Android 7 with Roon 1.6, OnePlus 5T, Android 8.1 with Roon 1.6
Do I need to rescan all the watched folders? If so, how do I do that?

Thanks for the report. What did you do to define amount of absent tracks ? Did you check Overview page or Tracks browser ? Maybe something else.

What is the source of your media files ? Do you use TIDAL or Qobuz ?

To rescan watched folders you need: Go to Storage tab in Settings > Press on a 3dots button in front of the folder > Press ‘Force Rescan’

Thanks for your quick response.
First I checked in the library section. There were about 21000 tracks to scan for the audio diagnosis.
In the storage section there are 3 folders with in total about 28000 tracks.
When I go to tracks than I have my 28000 tracks back.
I think I know what’s going on. Before I started the update the software had scanned about 7000 tracks for their audio. After the update it first seemed that Roon started all over again with scanning the audio because its count started from zero again and still 21000 remaining to analyze. So the indication is not actually the total amount of tracks but the tracks which still have to be analyzed?

Could this be right?

This is correct, your not the first to be tripped up those figures.

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