1.7 update problems with Roon Server on QNAP

After updating to 1.7, accessing Roon is a torture session on my QNAP TVS-882.
The only way I can get Roon to launch is via my iphone. Roon asks me to de-initialize QNAP, then it works. If I attempt to launch via Roon remote
on a Win 10 machine, I am prompted to input account login information, which never works.
There is clearly a bug in the program which impacts QNAP machines. Could you fix this ASAP?

In future if you have a support issue post in the Support category.

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How do I manually install this update? I only see the option to get the latest version from the Roon website.


  1. Download the updated app from roononnas.org
  2. Login on the QNAP
  3. Open the App Center
  4. Click on grafik (top right)
  5. Click on Browse and select the just downloaded file; click on Install
  6. Confirm by clicking on OK
  7. Set the mark on “I understand the risks and want to install this application.”; click on Install
  8. Wait until the installation has finished.

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