1.8-764 How to delete search text (SOLVED)

How can i delete search text
I thought (X) is helpful therefore, but it did not EXIT and not clear search-field.

What device are you using , on my iPad mini , the cross closes the search box and a further magnifying glass click brings the box back empty

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A double click on 2 different buttons on same position

GREAT - SOLVED my Problem.
I never would program it in this way.
Thank you!

Well. i will agree with you that the behaviour is irradical. Why would we want an “x” to close a popup screen here? Not one, in any of the other popups in Roon have one?
And why does it have to be so itty bitty small? The search box is way to small for an application that requires you to search for most things.

If there’s something i don’t like in 1.8 it this, and of course the terrible scrolling and flashes of white in dark mode.

Tragic might be a better fit :see_no_evil:

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