1.8-764 where can i find my tidal-playlists

Cannot find my own playlists, made in tidal
Where do i have to search
Could not find under TIDAL
Could not find under PLAYLISTS
Thank you!

With version 1.9 you will be a very lonely user. The rest of us only has 1.8.

In 1.8 you will find your playlists under PLAYLISTS. I assume you use the same credentials on tidal as you use in roon for tidal access.

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I corrected it from 1.9 to 1.8 - thank you

Under PLAYLISTS - there are no tidal playlists
I mean my personal tidal playlists
This is the reason, why i was asking for

THey are not marked as tidal playlists but they are there. If you created them very recently it might be that roon does not yet did the sync pf the playlists. If they don’t show up try to restart the core to force the sync.

Ah, just checked the image: You are in the wrong place
Go to “Meine Sachen”-> Playlists to find them

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The playlists are more than 5 weeks old
I attached a pic above

I restarted Rock already yesterday because of a different bug

Goto “Meine Sachen” Playlists

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There are also not my tidal playlists under “meine Sachen”

this is the place where they are supposed to show up. This works fine in my installation

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Got it - it is a bug
I switched from USER 1 to USER 2
Switched back from USER 2 to USER 1

And tidal playlists are avaliable again under


If you encounter the issue again, check that you have ‘Shared playlists’ enabled from the ‘My Playlists’ dropdown:

My Qobuz playlists are not displayed if this is disabled (with only one user profile). Perhaps switching profiles changes this setting in some way?

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Ok - i will check and report next time habe the same issue