1.8/831 No indication of which track is playing

Just updated. After fixing the settings that the update deletes/corrupts, there is no indication of which track is playing when displaying all the tracks of the selected album.

Are you looking at the album version that you are playing?

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Can’t help with the OP’s question, but this phrase caught my eye. What settings, please?

New version install changed settings for hidden files, display format and, of course, Roon Radio.


Hi @mitr, is this happening on all remotes? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

  1. No remote involved. Observing the main screen on the MacMini running Roon Core/Control on BootCamp/Win10.
  2. Can’t send screen grab until next week when I am next at that house.
  3. Display is OK with 1.8/831 on my other installation.

Resolved (as if by magic). Upon return to the old ranch, the currently-playing track is indicated as it should be.

OTOH, album display still does not show any “badges” although I have selected to display “in Library” and “Qobuz” badges.

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