1.8 album sorting-retain last setting

Is it possible to have Roon retain it’s last setting of “sort by”; it seems to default to some preprogrammed default setting at times.


I agree. Unless I am missing something, it always resorts to listing the albums by most popular, even though I select list by chronological order. I can not find a default setting for this.

Spot on. This drives me crazy. I believe Roon thinks the sort order is “sticky”. It is sometimes but often not for me. Please make it sticky or give us a sort order preference option.

It goes back to order by artist every time I restart Roon remote.

The sort order was “sticky” when I was running Roon Core on my mac.

I closed Roon app on my phone and it works now. I think Roon gets confused by multiple remotes.

@dylan it seems I’m not alone