1.8 - All but Sonos Endpoints Disappearing

First, loving 1.8. Thank you, devs!

One issue that’s started happening is that every few days, all endpoints are disappearing (including local ones on my Windows PC I’m viewing from) except for Sonos endpoints. The only way to get back the other endpoints is to reboot the Roon Core (QNAP NAS). All endpoints come back immediately once the Core is rebooted.

My endpoints include: 5 Sonos Devices, 1 RoopieeXL into a Schiit DAC, 4 Nest Hubs, and a Windows PC.

Let me know if I can be helpful in diagnosing, or if this is known issue. Thanks!

I am having the same issue.

Same issue here from Mac-Mini Core…rebooting the Core software makes them come back

Also having some issues with zones disappearing

Same problem here!

Same problem. Ropiee XL, SystemOutput on MacbookPro disappear.
Another feature that after Play on other devices there’s no Pause icon but Play icon.

I have the same problem - all endpoints disappear including control point iPhone, iPad. Restarting the core (Synology NAS in my case) restores things.
I had disappearing endpoints before but they came back on their own after a while. Now they stay away until core reboot.

I have had this problem since v1.5 mainly affects my iPad but everything else disappears intermittently. :roll_eyes: