1.8 and Roon Radio (+ Chromecast Audio)

First off, the positives are appreciated! Chromecasting now works much more reliably, I am finding, even casting to 5 CCAs over a mixed wired and powerline network–I do not even need the “hack” or workaround mentioned in these forums to avoid having to press pause/play to get Tidal-sourced Roon Radio to advance to the next tune…well done!

With Roon Radio itself, though, my ongoing pet peeve goes on still: if I put in a 1970s singer-songwriter as the initializing tune (my go-to in this for testing purposes, and because I can stomach many repeat plays, is early Van Morrison), then I am still stuck in a 1970s infinite loop. I would have thought that Valence would be learning to introduce (say), contemporary songwriters cut from similar cloth (Ray LaMontagne, say, or M. Ward, Joe Henry, etc etc). But no, or not yet, as the attached screen capture shows: my initial input of Van the Man resulted in a queue of 25 old dudes!

[Edit, these songs are also almost exclusively being sourced from tidal, though I own almost all of them as FLAC rips from CD…So I cannot “Heart” these songs unless I redundantly add the Tidal version to my library…seems a bit counter-intuitive!]

Keep up the good work, however…it’s just my bete noire talking :slight_smile: