1.8 BUG: Roon always jumps back to first page after selecting an Album in "My Albums" [Ticket In]


this, though, makes me wonder if bookmarks are static or dinamic
I mean… is new stuff that meets an existing bookmark’s criteria added or not? :no_mouth:

wondering as… “date added” creates a fixed date, not a dinamic one :rage:

Yes, I keep booksmarks, for Pianists, Conductors, Violinists etc etc… to organize my thousands of artists.

With it always jumping back to the first page makes it pretty useless…

Yes, I can see that. For your use case this remains an annoying bug and should be fixed.

ok, just checked: it is added
… at least for “location” (Qobuz or NAS) :grimacing:

They are dynamic. I just selected in ‘My Albums’ all albums by artist ‘Neeme Järvi’, for a total of 66 albums. For this set I created a bookmark. I then added a new album by Neeme Järvi to the library and selected the bookmark, and it returned the 67 albums, including the newly added.

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Linking to anew topic on the same issue, but with the most recent response from Roon:

When I’m browsing “New releases for you” and I pick something to look at or listen to, when I go back (back button) I’m always at the very top of my list again with “All” selected as top filter selection. Roon appears to not remember my previous state. This happens on Windows, iOS and Android. Having to always scroll again and/or reset my filter every time I want to give something a look keeps me from being able to enjoy this aspect of Roon. Am I doing something wrong? I’d be happy if this was just my own ignorance at play.


New 783 on Mac (High Sierra). Nothing has changed, the problem has not been solved.
I’m tired to wait. Goodbye Roon

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Unfortunatly thats right. Album list with focus on it still jumps back to the top. Useless. This was reported seven weeks ago!

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Just to be clear here. This is not a “bug”. Roon has always operated this way. It’s an annoyance for sure but not something that can be “fixed” with a bug report. You are asking for a feature change. That is something that may never happen so those of you anxiously awaiting a “fix” will have to come to terms with the thought that no “fix” is coming.

Well, Roon obviously - and correctly - have a different opinion. There is a „Ticket in“, as there should be. Telling us this „cant be fixed by a bug report“ is quite clearly a lot of BS.


Operating wrongly is a bug, no matter how long it has persisted. Pretty much every piece of software in the world works this way, including the forum we are writing on. Plus they ‘fixed’ it in one part of the software, why shouldn’t they be able to ‘fix’ it in another? Nice try though.


You can literally open a ticket for anything. Having a ticket open does not guarantee a fix.

So if it operates wrongly according to you it is then a bug. It’s nice to meet the person that decides what a bug is. Nice try though.

Ignore function is very useful to keep trolls out of sight :+1:

This is easily defensible as a bug IMO. A bug is a flaw that causes unexpected or unintended behavior. This is clearly a flaw and one that causes unexpected behavior. If the Roon team specifically intends for it to work this way (i.e. always jumping back to start) then I’d love to hear the rationale.

Not on my Mac (and many others), up to the previous 1.7

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Our team is investigating this and we’ll be continuing to keep everyone up to date in this thread:

I am closing this Topic to keep the conversation limited to the other Topic above. Thanks for the patience and feedback on this, everyone!

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