1.8 build 795... and backup still

… works, or better DOESN’T work, like (see below)

you know the funny point is that the folder “backup” is already inside the USB key, I can see it under windows 7, but I can’t find him inside Rock and I can’t create a new one or delete the old one… is there but is not there…

Like the awful backup functionality that is buggy since a lot of time, many many people posted claim about that in the past, but let’s not consider the problem… so is there but… is not there… miracle… who care

question of the century: what is the right procedure I should use to have reliable backup functionality? Step by step idiot proof instruction please

question 2: as already said in the past… I fixed a maximum number of 3 backups, why it doesn’t overwrite automatically the older one if the number limit is reached or the space limit is reached?

Thank you in advance

Probably no help, but I found I had to turn off the NUC to get ROCK to find an attached USB drive?

I use Dropbox as a backup solution, seem to work faultlessly - you just wouldn’t want to restore from there as it takes about a day!!

thank you Tim,
yes I have a Dropbox backup too… just one as the space for free there is quite small, my Drop backup is as “my last possibility to restore” , in Italy we say “la mia ultima spiaggia” , I don’t know how say that in English…

anyway, I’m wondering why we are still in the same situation and why, as usual, people from Roon when is matter of backup do not reply… is because they are doing something about (why do not share the good news with customers?) or because they don’t care?

Do you want your issue moved to the Support category of the forum? That is where the issue will be addressed by the Support team.

Yes please :slight_smile:


And if I look through the forum, I’m seeing some reports of no-name USB sticks causing Backup failures. Have you got an alternative USB stick (freshly-formatted) that you could test to see if that works?

Geoff… the problem I’m facing is always the same (you can find some others post like this one from me about the same problem in tha past)

if I replace the USB key with another one, even the same formatted, and create a backup folder from zero it works… then if it is scheduled for overnight backup and the NUC is off I have a red triangle warning me about failed backup… going into the menu and selecting “backup now” this time it doesn’t see the folder, I create a new one in the field about that and select start… and receive a failure message as above

so now I got the other usb key I have, a

the status is

plugged into Rock (NUC) it doesn’t see it… but under WIN7 is clearly available and visible… that folder has been created by ROCK last time I faced the problem

so… why now it, ROCK,doesn’t see it? I’ve tried the three availbale usb doors in the NUC but nothing changed

another point is: if the backup is a safety functionality … and if I have to format my key, cancelling my backup to be able to perform one… where is the safetiness?

as already pointed in the past an interesting feature… I mean the minimum required in 2021…

  • backup functionality should be able to calculate/evaluate the space required for the activity and, in case it is not enough… should pop up a warning asking if the user want he older backup be overwritten, i don’t see this functionality

These sound like a useful set of steps to create the conditions in which this failure occurs. They will help Support to diagnose what is happening here.

Geoff… pls see above, I was editing my message adding some other info…

Beyond not using a USB stick, one should leave their NUC on 24/7 unless for an extended absence. Also, why would you schedule a backup and then turn the NUC off for that time period? But yeah, the red triangle has happened to me (music playing vs the NUC off) and it can screw up the USB stick. This is something Roon need to address, for sure. But best practice for now is to use and external HD and keep your NUC powered on (which will also extend its life, not powering up and down all the time).


Why should I use an hdd instead of a USB key?
And more… this is not the point… the point is that it has to work with the USB key as it is nothing strange, no alien technology… a USB key and a sdd are, in practice, exactly the same thing

Why should it be ON 24/7? Do you like to waste energy and to collect dust in the cpu cooling system? Do you like to ageing the motor in the cooling system earlier ( as it is always on)?

It is Linux based and, as confirmed me by Roon people in a post some month ago, it is perfectly normal to switch it off (just a short press on the frontal NUC button) if you don’t use it

you missed something important… the point is that it fails the backup and fails to recognise the usb stick formatted by Roon Rock itself and already having a back up folder inside

so, thanks for help… but it is not a help at all

Keep on being you then, and eating your way through USB sticks, no skin off my back. Just passing on my experience so that maybe you can have a good backup solution until/if ROON fix their backup software to work better with USB thumb drives. Never said Roon SHOULDN’T work with USB sticks, only that they don’t always so best to avoid for now.

And most advice I’ve read everywhere is to keep electronics powered up to extend their life - the idle power something like a NUC uses is pretty minimal - my 7i5 uses about 5w, the equivalent of an LED lamp. Of course that may matter to you, which is fine, but expect that issues may arise constantly switching on and off what is essentially a server.

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that to keep on this kind of electronic increase its life is like the white crocodiles in the New York sewers… just another myth… but dust accumulating more rapidly in the cooling system is a fact not a myth, and potential overheating from that is a fact not a myth, like a fact is that ageing of the fan is reached more quickly… this is a computer non a vacuum tube

anyway, thank you for trying to help me… I know I can play with SDD and/or USB key, but it is not clear to me how many USB key should I manage in parallel to have safety functionality and keep on, but this is not the point … what I need is support from Roon team hoping this will also bring a better backup functionality, that at the moment backup is working quite bad like since a long time

the problem is clear, screen shots are above… I need a solution at that

the USB key is there… and there is something inside… but…

… any news?

by the way, I’ve deleted the automatic backup schedule thinking problem could be there… but as you can see above even trying to do it manually doesn’t bring expected results

… so?

That screenshot you have, where you select the location of the Backups folder, looks wrong to me. You should be selecting the RoonBackups folder, but it looks as though you have selected the folder starting 80dca5cf…