1.8 Build 918 Restarts every 18 seconds

This update just installed on my ROCK and is now restarting itself every 18 seconds.

Not quite the same but installed on a mac mini and my ipad keeps loosing connection, sounds like something is wrong with this release.

I have eventually got Roon server to run, however it required a hard reset of the ROCK.

Seems my core also required a restart to be stable.

ALWAYS step number 1 before posting.


Running Roon on my MacBook Pro as the core (no problem until now) but with the update all of the machines lose all audio device identification when the Pro goes to sleep. When I wake up the computer, the core and all of the other devices then re-find the audio devices. (When the computer falls asleep, Roon says it cannot find any devices. I hope this is clearer.) This is a glitch I have not experienced before. Definitely a new problem.

I had already done a soft reset a few times.

Shouldn’t be necessary to disconnect power and wait for a software upgrade…

I just updated our Nucleus Plus and several remotes (several more to go) with no issue. Streaming Qobuz currently to be sure.

I hope those who are having issues get them resolved quickly. More music less hassles!

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Before this goes down that threads route on #support related up issues roon needs to know about…one issue per ticket guys…all piling on here with what you might think are the same issues just confuses the thread and doesn’t get anyone the help they might need.

I can’t understand why people are so reluctant to reboot computers

My climate demands I reboot daily in summer , funny I have never had a problem with Roon in 6 years , coincidence ??? :smiling_imp: