1.8 crashes and library problems

  1. After 1.8 implementation expensive Nucleus+ suddenly crashes and stops 5-6 times in a session of 3 hours listening per day every bloody day!!! Working from iPad update to 14.4 IOS…this never happened before 1.8!!!

  2. library sign does not follow library albums on all their representations/windows. For example in an album offered by the radio or in similar albums list, or in the overview of a search etc etc. As a consequence if you open one library album of those, you will find a + instead of the heart. And if you click on the +, Roon is not able to adjourn/update to heart but instead the wheel turns forever. 1.7 was also non consistent on library sign but it was able to adjourn/update to the heart in few seconds…this must be fixed!!!’not really practical but confusing.

In addition to my previous two points of my unanswered mail I have an additional remark. If I want to follow a composer by his works and having selected a specific work I then open whatever element of related discography, you would expect to find the specific work highlighted within the tracks. But NO!!! This was the case and made a lot of sense in the previous Roon version. So you have not improved at all. Very unpractical!!!
Today the Nucleus + has stopped/crashed itself just 5 times in a session of 2 hours listening. You can be proud!!!