1.8 demo by switching core?

I’m still on 1.7 and thinking about a fallback method of demoing 1.8. If I unauthorise my 1.7 NUC core, and authorize a Windows box, then update it to 1.8, and put the 1.8 app on a spare iPad, will it be possible to drop back to 1.7 and reauthorize my 1.7 NUC core either from the Windows 1.8 client or one of my iPads ? I’ll be keeping an iPad on the 1.7 version for safekeeping.

Hi @ACvitus

Whatever devices you update to 1.8 will not be able to be downgraded. You can definitely try out 1.8 on these devices and go back to your other Core later, but be aware that those 1.8 remotes will not be able to be used with a 1.7 Core.

Thanks, this partially worked. I updated my Win 10 Roon to 1.8 and deauthorised my 1.7 NUC, updated a spare iPad to the 1.8 remote and all was fine. I then deauthorised 1.8 and went back to my 1.7 NUC with a 1.7 iPad and that was fine. But then I went back to my Win 10 machine, and Roon won’t even start. I just get the animated Roon icon, and no Roon. Been watching it for a few minutes, and Roon 1.8 is not starting on the PC. A re-boot did not fix it.