1.8: Focus, Play...whither Shuffle?

This si probably by design, but the option to shuffle a selection of tracks seems to have disappeared. for example, if i choose:

Search: Manu Katche–>Discography–>Focus–>MQA i get:

-5 main albums,
-1 EP
-9 albums w/ Peter Gabriel
-35 appearances
-1 Compilation

I’d like to shuffle play these, but the only option is “Play” or “Start Radio”. further, if any of these albums are in my library, roon chooses those versions, even if the version i have is not MQA.

So Roon is prioritizing libray, even if focus is elsewhere, and there is no option to Shuffle at all.

A possible solution might be to select one of these and then select all from the right hand side top menu.

A bit roundabout but should work.

EDIT: I haven’t focused on MQA above but this will work for focused albums.


thanks; shuffle still missing on my end.

Do you need to go into Settings->Play actions and customise to show Shuffle as needed?

Could that be a play setting?


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why yes, yes it could! thank you- i wonder why that was turned off w/ the upgrade. in any case, that portion seems to be fixed. many thanks.

testing the “library priority” issue now.

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