1.8: Home screen aggregated data

Pretty happy camper here in regards to 1.8. I see most changes as improvements and believe some of the quirks and bugs which appears will soon be ironed out.

This one I mention here is pretty far down on the scale in terms of impact and might not even be considered a bug, but the aggregated data on the home screen, how is that really working?

Steve Roach: My #1 most Your top artist from the past week. Also if I look at month or year with a total playtime of some 76 hrs or so.
Steve Roach: Top spot in Your recent artists
Steve Roach: First spot in Recommended artists

The last appearance is a bit odd, because it is quite clear that I very well know and listen to this artist a lot already. Arvo Pärt is also making an appearance on the recommended list, who is 3rd on the list of most played since me starting to use Roon (56 hrs).