1.8 is really buggy

I thought I was going to like some of the changes to 1.8 but…it is really buggy. It does not always show the current song playing but will show some song that played 1 hour ago. And the queue seldom shows up. I use a version of roon on Amazon fire, android and windows 10. It is almost unusable when you can’t even see the correct song that plays and only sometimes can you see the queue. Someone needs to beta test this thing before releasing it. The only way to get the current song playing is to close the app and restart it…not particularly convenient.

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I suggest you post each problem separately to the #support forum. Make sure you describe your setup accurately and explain the problem using screenshots where appropriate.

Use this guide when seeking support.

I also experienced this a few times, it wasn’t due to viewing the wrong zone. It showed the same old album on all zones even though something else was playing and all I could do was play/pause. Had to restart core to resolve.

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Yes. Exactly. Never happened before with any other release. I just restarted the app and sometimes it worked and sometimes not. Hard to post something like this to support since what you hear and what you see are different rather than an issues between two screens.

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I will do that but there is no picture I can show of the current selection playing versus what the app says is playing. Suffice it to say that the app shows an older selection playing that had previously played and the current selection is not showing in the app. Strange behavior which I have never encountered prior to 1.8.

While rebooting everything might fix the issue, it’s not a real solution, in fact it’s a debuggers nightmare as you lose state and the ability to reproduce a bug.

The good news is that I had this issue for the first two days after the 1.8 upgrade and indeed after a couple reboots it’s stopped happening. I have a feeling that Roon might have been doing something in background as part of the update and after a couple reboots it finished doing that thing and sorted itself out. Perhaps the size of your library / speed of core dictates how long this period is. Also I had this on the first release, but not the latest 756 build.

I have had this on the 756 release

If rebooting fixes the issue, that is a solution.

If it keeps happening, it’s not a good solution.

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