1.8 is terrific, but the recent history data is collecting and reporting irrelevant junk

Love the new version. But it’s telling me that I’ve spent quite a bit of time–as in several hours–listening to a number of artists and albums in the last week that I’ve never heard of. Like tons. About 20 or so artists, and an equal number of albums.

I assume it has to do to do with having listened to a “New in Blues” playlist in Qobuz for a little while–like maybe 30 or 40 minutes–which conceptually would make some sense (like a little), but the times make no sense at all. Anywhere from an hour and a half to 8 minutes per artist. In fact I only got about 5 or 6 songs deep in the playlist before turning it off. And the only thing I actually did listen to all the way through is buried 8 or 10 deep.

So now, when I look at my “top artists” it’s loaded with ppl and albums I’ve never even heard of. Though I guess I looked at them for a few minutes, maybe even put the list on, went and got a cup of coffee, came back turned it off, moved on. But I’m stuck with this token data clogging up the databanks until I can outrun it. It also means that I will probably never listen to any of those Qobuz sample play lists again. Or maybe I should create a different profile for “just window shopping.”

There’s gotta be a way to eliminate that sort of stuff from the tally. Otherwise the entire “top artist,” “recent artist,” percentages of time spent listening to a particular genre, etc. are all completely useless.