1.8 lyrics ...mic greyed out

I’m sure I’m just missing the obvious …but since 1.8 there is no mic icon on control bar
and the song list there is a mic icon but greyed out
running on windows 10 thanks for any guidance

enjoying Roon 1.8, but can’t find the lyrics option…

Can’t even find the mic icon…

It is under the Three Dots icon next to each track.

OK, I found it by accident. Seems some material has lyrics, some doesn’t which is probably as it used to be anyway!

thanks guys

I can’t find a song where there ARE lyrics. I used to… It stays greyed out. I’ll keep trying. I’m using pretty obvious songs, though.

Went to a file I know had lyrics. Not now, though. Woah,. Wait. Now the lyrics are showing but can’t seem to toggle off and on.

I just found a workaround for the missing lyrics Mic icon: If you tap directly at the title line of the track (at the left side of the progress wave bar) you are playing you activate the lyrics feature in exactly the same way as it used to be before the 1.8 update!
I’m sure we just have to have necessary patience and use workarounds like this until we get the updates the Roon team is working hard to be ready to roll out in the near feature. Enjoy:)

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My workaround is ok for iOS (iPad) but NOT for the PC roon install. I have not tried it at any Android devices yet…