1.8 not 2.0 let's be indulgent

New 1.8 score some good points but not only


  • Stability looks fine, iPhone UI is better
  • Browse is fine
  • Home and genre tabs are more focused, but who cares about “recent listening”, top artists and top albums of the last days ???
  • Qobuz tab is clear
  • Album view and focus filters are fine. Scroll down is much better than previous scroll right


  • Date added has disappeared
  • Stars (AMG rock & jazz) and recommendation on new album are gone : real pity, add it again ASAP please
  • Artists : I don’t like the circles. Waste of space and unfocused, but I don’t use it
  • Composers : same remark but I use it for Classical. Could be much better in the style of Genres

What I miss
I had hoped to find an “alarm” or differed play to launch listening when I wake up. I’ll continue to use the Sonos function in my kitchen…

PS: Lifetime subscription, Hegel 360 AMP with IMF 8O speakers + Sonos in different rooms. I really enjoy Roon + Qobuz.

I think the point of the design is to air it out and show some clean separation versus crowded, image dense apps. I like the circles, looks nice and no downside to using it on an ipad. Runs great and looks like a giant step up and refined.

I think favorites are missing? Yes on date added though no real value to it anywhere.

Lastly, I think it actually sounds better than 1.7 which is what it’s all about.

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it’s there but you may need to expand the review to see it. (For albums with no review, it’s always visible.)

Got it thanks