1.8 Not working

Core: Mac Pro OS Catalina
Remote: Any device

Connection lost continuously, no Audio device found, try to enabling (with no success)

The 1.8 version is totally unusable

I downgrade the core, can you please provide the previous release on the App store, please?

Any news? Any chance to get this working?

I updated the core to the latest version on a Mac Mini running High Sierra, with no luck

  • WiFi Mesh
  • wired core on Gigabit lan

The application it’s impossible to use on iPad/iPhone/MacBook

Can you please fix the issues or give the possibility to download the previous version?

Have you asked @support.

Has it occurred to you it could be something in your network ?

There are quite a few people using 1.8 with no issue. I am on Windows 10 so I am no help to you :unamused:

Me for example…

Sorry for the trouble here, @Luca_Turriziani!

Is there any change after a reboot of the Core?

Do your devices show up in Settings > Audio?

I tried anything
After the reboot the iPad/iPhone/Mac are visible, but after a while, they become unavailable and trying to “Enabling”

I cannot use Roon as “Audio Device” for devices expect for Roon Ready devices

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