1.8 Put back “focus on similar”

The more I use 1.8 and the more I miss 1.7. It was just so balanced and right. Can you please put back the focus on similar option?


Not sure if this is what your looking for or not, from an Album view, or the Playing Album view using Win10 PC, I compared the Genre’s of the top screen to Genres’s in the Recommended Albums For You and it is similar, :

Scroll down and this section is available with similar artists

I agree with you Enrico - there seems to be a huge gap now, with recommended/similar albums no longer being shown. This is one of the top, top elements of Roon, and I am highly disappointed that it has apparently disappeared. And, geoB, I do not get this info - perhaps that works on Microsoft, not on Mac?

I also miss the “recommend similar albums” feature from 1.7

+1 for me … ‘Focus on similar’ results used to be playable like a playlist … I really miss this feature …

Another +1. Fully agree with this, I also really miss this feature. Are there algorithmic challenges to keeping the Focus on Similar button? Because I could not think of any other reason, apart from saving a little space on the screen…

Especially late at night when you are in a certain listening mood the Focus on Similar button provides a nice way to explore similar music that is already in your library, without the distraction of having to manually apply filter criteria. There exists moments (not even that rare) that you just want to stick to your own library, without exploring new albums.

Is the button perhaps replaced by some new feature that I am not seeing? The recommended albums at the bottom of the page only partly compensates for this, since it mostly covers music outside the library.

+1 here for this