1.8 Queue show track info instead of Who added?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but in the Queue can you see bit rate and file format anywhere? I don’t need to see who added a track to a playlist or how much of a track I have listened to (as I am the only user), but file information is essential.

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Click on the ellipsis and select File Information

The 3 dot menu on the Queue screen does not have File Info, that is on a track in the Album Screen.

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I’ve always thought it was silly to have who added/played a track being in the queue. Wish there was a way to customize what is displayed. I’d actually prefer to have the info for each track much narrower so that more tracks can be seen in the screen and not have to scroll up and down so much. For instance, on my MacBook Air I can only see five tracks at a time. This is my biggest dislike about the roon experience.