1.8 Re: iOS App: Please allow album photos to be selected from iPad Photo Libraries

Please, please, make it possible when editing in the iOS App to choose album art from the local tablet Photo Library. This is such a common feature in apps I have a hard time understanding it’s absence. I was hoping to see this improvement in the new iOS 1.8 app, but alas, no. The present method is to supply a URL. Unless I’m missing something, supplying a URL doesn’t point to an album cover.

In my case, it’s fairly common to have the wrong album cover selected by Roon and I will harvest an album cover from the net and put it in my Photo Library. But sometimes there is no album cover and I have to take a photo. In both cases, I need to turn to the photo library on my tablet.

It is not a frivolous request. I have a nerve injury that makes it very painful to sit, so I depend heavily on the iOS app for editing. Basically, it would be ideal for me (and probably for Roon) to give the apps the same functionality as the desktop