1.8, Ropieee or VitOS "Audio" not seeing the endpoint

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I am not able to see Ropieee and VitOS from their clients

Description Of Issue

I am unable to see the RAAT endpoints from “Audio”
I am able to see the AirPlay from Ropieee, but not able to play to them


following. same problem


No problem for me

This seem to be one of the problems with the 1.8 core.
Restart the core and your endpoints are visible again until they vanish again.


Interesting, I do not have this issue. Running VitOS-1.0.823 (RoonBridge 1.7 - build 571) on a RPi-4B.

Interestingly I rebooted and the raspberry pi Roon bridge pops up in the “about” window but not the “audio” window

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Working now

Same problem here, I need to reboot the both the core and ropieee a couple of times since the last update in order to see my USB DAC, roon only sees the airplay zone, and sometimes when it sees the DAC it doesn’t let me play any files or streams etc.

This started happening since last update of either ropieee or roon 1.8, hope this helps, thanks.

I am having the same issue with my Rhein Silent Angel running VitOs. After the update it worked fine but once I turn off my DAC and turn it back on, I know longer see my device in the Audio selections and only see the wireless Sonos and AirPlay options. If I go into VitOs and have it restart the Roon Core, it will connect again, but this is a long process as I have a massive library.

Any other suggestions for a fix would be great as this is not an idle situation.

Exact same problem for me as well.
Flawless with 1.7 and unstable, at best, with 1.8.

RopieeeXL endpoint solid but the feeling of a very weak link between VitOS and the latest Roon Core, at least using a RPI4.

Maybe “real time” adjustments of VitOS Linux core are not well suited for V1.8.
VitOS is an adaptative trick from the Chinese company based on a stable and refined 1.7 core, sure they will have to find a new point of real stability, if only possible, with the new V1.8 core.

I rebooted my Roon Core more during the last 24 hours than I did in two or three years…!

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Hi @James_Struble

Just to clarify, are you seeing the devices show up in Settings > Audio but not in the Zone picker? Or are they not showing up in Settings > Audio at all?

If they are showing up in Settings > Audio, please see this post:

Dylan, I am sorry that I have taken your time with this. Embarrassingly, the issue came down to a bad usb cable.

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