1.8 Search issue

searching “Olivier Latry” doesn’t bring him out as “Artist”:

not even clicking “More”:

though he definitely is there, as I found by going to the “Top Results” album then clicking his name in there:

Same here, another one of Roon 1.8 quirks, it’s the new feature to not let you discover music


… forgot to mention: Roon 1.8 v783 core on a NUCi7 running ROCK, MBP 15 running macOS 11.2.3 as control

Definitely a quirk, because searching for “Latry” brings him as the top result…

hhhhmmmm… this is what I get for “Latry”:

Olivier Latry is only there together with one of the orchestras he has performed with

then clicking “Latry” (first artist) brings out…

which has nothing to do with what I’m searching for


Hmm, and this is what I get with B783…


Getting the same problem. No Latry artist bubble. But at least I see his Albums in my llibrary. i first thought this might be related to that missing “Main Albums” / “Appearances” issue. But this must be a separate issue.

Just did a search by last name only (“Latry”) and then he shows aup as “Composer”. below.

Someone go figure…

NB: Sorry, he also shows up on “Composer” when searching for the full name, I just didnt scroll down enough. All those useless track listings are getting in the way…

That “performing composer” issue we had with Bernstein ed al may not yet be fully solved.

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Try “oliver latry” now and you’ll no longer get him as a first result :grinning:

Search still buggered unfortunately.

I know - the two search terms (“Oliver Latry” and “Latry”) trigger different results in my case. This can be used as a specific example for further investigation by Roon Labs.


Here’s a little trick to work around:

On the artist page of Latry, he is listed as classical composer “Yes”. Switch that to “No” and voila, you get:

But of course you cant do that prior to any search with all sort of artists :laughing:

I’ll be probably very likely banned for “toxic sarcasm” but truth (not sarcasm!) is with v1.8 Roon became just my favourite music player: for “discovering” I’m now (mostly) using streaming services and online music vendors newsletters. as I used to do before Roon



Hi @pl_svn

Thanks for this report! I’ve passed this feedback along to our QA team to look into further.

please also add that, this morning, searching for “The Strand Ensemble” did not found any “Artist” with this name

the album I was looking for, though, was there and I found Roon actually has a “Strand Ensemble” entry
I manually edited and changed it to “The Strand Ensemble” (as it is on album covers) and all is fine now