1.8 Shuffle favors some artists, albums and tracks (different problem than the alphabetical shuffle problem)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Audiolinux headless/i7-3820/32GB RAM

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ubiquiti Unifi network/core is connected via ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

PS Audio DirectStream DAC w/ Bridge II

Description Of Issue

Shuffle “prefers” certain artists when I shuffle the whole library (150,000 tracks). It also prefers some albums and tracks, but the preference behavior is mostly amongst artists. I believe this problem is separate from the other 1.8 shuffle problem (builds a playlist of 5000 tracks in alphabetical order - once it reaches 5000 tracks, it stops going up the alphabet - in my case, it never goes beyond the B’s). That is my belief, because, out of approximately 800 artists in the “pool” (artists whose names begin with a number, or the letters A or B), shuffle prefers about 20 artists (2.5%). Out of 30 consecutive tracks on the playlist shuffle builds, about half of them are from that 2.5%.

Thank you for your efforts in addressing this matter. Cheers!

I’ve never had any positive results with shuffle. I just tried shuffling all my tracks and I don’t think I’ve heard anything from anyone after the letter A.

Such a simple concept, play all my tracks randomly. Check please! Table one.

There is a separate thread for the problem you have described, if you’re curious enough to go looking for it. Last I checked on that thread (about a week ago), a Roon representative posted that the behavior at issue (creating shuffle playlist from the beginning of the alphabet) would be corrected in the next release, whenever that might be issued. I haven’t gotten any feedback on the shuffle problem I describe in this thread, so I’m a bit worried.

Most of my listening is done via shuffling my whole library, so 1.8 pretty much broke Roon for me. I hear good things about Plex…

I have a Plex server, mainly for movies though. On the Audio side of it, shuffle works, being able to play audio anywhere with it is nice too, but the way it handles multiple album versions… well, it really doesn’t. It sucks. It handles multiple versions of movies great, just not the audio stuff.

It’s difficult to play particular version of albums when the cd, mqa, hi res, and dsd versions all look the same and you can’t combine them and pick a default go to version.

Plex is not the same niche roon is.

On the brighter side of things I just tried shuffle on build 763 and I’m hearing things further in the alphabet.

Hi @Antonio_Bendezu

We released some changes here to improve this. Can you let us know if things are better for you on the latest update?


Thanks for following up @dylan! Yes, things seem to be improved, if not fixed. I haven’t noticed any preferences in shuffle that I can’t explain. I think I have too much crappy techno in my library, but that’s probably not Roon’s fault. Thanks much!

As of this morning, 3/9/21, shuffle is not fixed. Still only picking ~5000 tracks, in my case from a,b,or c only. Please. Just put shuffle all tracks like it was in 1.7. This is very frustrating and makes Roon nearly unusable for me. I can just plug in any DAP I have and get better shuffle.

It actually sort of fixed… it used to only shuffle the first few letters of the alphabet. Now it picks from the entire alphabet. Just only displays the first 5000 songs it picked to play.

That’s approximately… idk… 14 days of music @ 4 min a song.

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