1.8 star ratings visible on albums [Done in Roon 1.8 Build 763]

+1 please bring this feature back.

I did note that it is visible in the “In Their Prime” screens.


Plus 1 for this. The star rating really helped me to choose unfamiliar albums to listen to. I’d like the option to see ratings in every view.


+1, it really misses now


+1 Another unhappy user here. Bring this back.


Well yuo can almost sort by “popularity” thr discography

Throughout 1.8, we have made an effort to put lists of albums in the right order so the best stuff is first–the idea is, we don’t need this extra element in the interface to do something that is already captured in the sort order.

In any case, due to popular demand, we are planning to bring this back as an option.


Can we please have the star ratings visible again for the Artist Main Album sections. Why on earth has it been removed ???


You guys continually miss the use case of large local libraries, particularly live music. Roon doesn’t identify these albums and I’ve continually used star ratings to distinguish average/good/great shows from a given artist. This may only apply to about 20-30 artists in my collection, but if you’re looking at a view of 200-1500 albums for that artist, the only place I’d ever want to see star ratings is in the album and focus/bookmark view. I’d rather see it only there than buried within each album where the criteria is useless for the purposes of calling out particular albums.

I don’t think Roon does a good job of understanding many of its users, particularly live music fans. I’m almost two years into filtering not correctly returning live albums with a date in them, a bug Roon is aware of but has never made it to your developers.

I think many of us would be happy to participate in user studies if it means you don’t diminish the functionality of features we’ve used for years now.

My growing impression is that users with large local libraries, particularly centered around live music, really don’t matter to Roon anymore and that’s very disappointing to me because our use cases are a primary reason many of us left inferior software and bought lifetime memberships.


Thanks for the response Brian.

I must admit this is one of the things I genuinely have missed since the upgrade, so glad to hear it’s returning as an option :slight_smile:

[Please reinstate a checkbox approach to tagging next! :smiley: ]


Plus 1 on making the star ratings visible! It is dearly missed.

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The “right order” is MY ORDER. In other words, the ratings I apply to albums and so I want to see my ratings everywhere within Roon as this is important and very useful information to me. Roon’s concept of popular is very welcome and useful for unknown albums. But once I’ve rated, my rating should take precedence.

Roon keeps imposing it’s “we know best” ideology, forgetting that actually the user knows best what they want. If you want to be able to hide such information, give the option to hide it…


+1 to bring it back, if there was a large number of people who wanted it removed, then stick it as a user defined setting.

Blooming annoying not having it!

YES! The word OPTION is very promising. If I could hide all stars and hearts etc. from displaying I’d be very happy! I know I sound like a dinosaur in saying this, but we are quite a few subscribers to Roon that like our UI even cleaner than 1.8 has become.

Funny is now I like the sort by most popular in the discography section. Just looking at about a dozen artists and seems to get the order right.

But yeah, if adding stars back, put it as an option to hide for those who don’t want it. Might be nice to sort by star rating as well.

It seems no matter you guys do, some people will hate it no matter what. I bet some of the same people hating on 1.8 are the same ones who complained about 1.7, saying it looked unfinished. It needed a full UI overhaul.


Yessssss!!! :grinning:

You could have saved yourselves a bit of trouble by not removing it in the first place. Sometimes, customer preferences should be taken into account…

How would they know people liked it until they took it away :grinning:

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+1 here.

I just searched on Google, if there was a way to bring them back and found this thread
great to know i am not the only one, that wants this feature back

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Sorry. I’m not the most OCD guy in the world but I can’t stomach looking at a discography in other than chronological order. That plus star ratings gives me two data points to make a choice. Sometimes I want to work through an artists history, sometimes I want to start with their critical ‘best’. Oddly, you’ve preserved the stars on the album view and on the ‘in their prime’ view where they have far less value.


I’m really pleased to hear the star rating is coming back, thanks!

@miss_my_zune totally agree, a discography in anything other than chronological order just does my head in. The modern emphasis on pushing what’s “popular” across so much media these days (both streaming video and music) is a great way to miss out on some of the most interesting content imho. I’m sad to see roon going that way.