1.8 star ratings visible on albums [Done in Roon 1.8 Build 763]

You could have saved yourselves a bit of trouble by not removing it in the first place. Sometimes, customer preferences should be taken into account…

How would they know people liked it until they took it away :grinning:

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+1 here.

I just searched on Google, if there was a way to bring them back and found this thread
great to know i am not the only one, that wants this feature back

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Sorry. I’m not the most OCD guy in the world but I can’t stomach looking at a discography in other than chronological order. That plus star ratings gives me two data points to make a choice. Sometimes I want to work through an artists history, sometimes I want to start with their critical ‘best’. Oddly, you’ve preserved the stars on the album view and on the ‘in their prime’ view where they have far less value.


I’m really pleased to hear the star rating is coming back, thanks!

@miss_my_zune totally agree, a discography in anything other than chronological order just does my head in. The modern emphasis on pushing what’s “popular” across so much media these days (both streaming video and music) is a great way to miss out on some of the most interesting content imho. I’m sad to see roon going that way.

When you don’t know an artist, or not well enough, don’t you think Roon that using the best scored / picks is useful to start listening… Doesn’t it make sense …?
Seriously guys at Roon, hire a real the UX experience designer (not only a web Designer) and start by interviewing people from different countries in focus groups.
And, please, use a widespread range of nationalities to do so… Your title font ie. is sooooo ugly for many people (and not paper magazine lookalike for many latin people), very sooooo US-centric from a designer point of view. Not an issue in itself, but iff you are selling global, try thinking global…

Very glad tot haar Brian, could you please also re-introduce the MQA indication in the same section accordingly?
Kind regards,

They stated somewhere here in the forum that this product is what they want not what the users need so you just have to deal with that.

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And yet they just brought back the option, showing that I was wrong to imply they don’t listen and that you were wrong to suggest that I just have to deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But there is no distinction between editorial ratings and user ratings now.

Yes, I noticed that too. I have some sympathy with that approach - it keeps the UI cleaner. But also, some frustration in that I cannot tell which are my ratings, as in 1.7. Once Focus is fixed I guess I’ll build a bookmark that highlights discrepancies between my ratings and the editorial ratings so that I can at least copy my ratings on to them.

It’s a shame there’s no way to import our ratings and have them automatically overwrite the editorial ones.

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But how are you going to do that?

I import all my album ratings from JRiver using ROONALBUMTAG. I can then (as I did in the past) build a Focus comparing those tags against Roon’s album ratings. Then it’s the long arduous task of hand copying, one by one, my ratings that differ over Roons.

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Everybody is wrong! Everybody is right! :slight_smile:

It’s just roon usual way of half backed wonders. You just have to deal with that! :slight_smile:

Again no.

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:slight_smile: means joke (I hope).

On the more serious note, it’s sad to see that the users have to catch something that the developers are missing at any given update. It make’s you wander if they really use the product (and is not just a roon issue, you can se it in other products too)


Done in Roon 1.8 (Build 763)!