(1) Album view in playlists, (2) reading comments from iTunes

Hi. I find the new version with its many new possibities very exciting and still investigate the many options.

However, I still miss simple possibilities that must be much easier to implement than DSP.

(1) In an earlier post I suggested to include album view in playlists. As an old-fashioned album-listener I always put whole albums in my playlists, never single tracks. This is to reflect the compositional structure of an album as it was intended by a jazz artist or classical composer/conductor. Scrolling through a long list of tracks is very cumbersome and doesn’t show the artwork in enough detail.

(2) Still using iTunes to organise my music, I have important information in the comments metadata. For example, I take note where I have the album from, a paid download from Qobuz, a ripped vinyl, or other provenience. Would it be very difficult to add reading iTunes comments to the Focus function?

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I think that album view in the playlist would be a great addition. But then, I am just as old fashioned as the OP. :slight_smile:

+1 !

I listen to whole albums all the time and my playlists are mostly album-based.

Let’s say I want to regroup my top 10 albums of 2016. An album playlist feature would be the perfect solution to create personal charts.