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Hello Roonlabs,


I want to use roon+Hi-Fi on my WIN-PC while working in my office AND Roon on my iPad when/with Hi-Fi in the lounge….


I have just build a Fanless NUC and installed Roon Rock Linux CORE

Signed up for the 14 day trail on a Win-PC as the head.


Have Roon Remote on iPad which only Authorizises 1 device (which is the Win- PC) Do I need to unauthoize my WIN-PC every time I switch from Office to Lounge??

Will Roon allow my PC, Tablet and Phone to be authorized (freed to be away from a PC and relax in a listening reclining chair with an iPad/phone) After a full subscription or is 1 Authorization only on the trial period?

many thanks

You can only have 1 Roon Core active at any one time. So if you have a Roon core on your Win-PC for work and another core on the NUC for home, then yes you will need to de-authorise/authorise each time that you switch. This does not change from trial to full subscription.

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In one location provided they are all on the same network you can have as many remotes and enpoints as you want with one core. If you authorize your NUC as your core then run your pc as a remote you will be able to do what you want with just the one authorization.

If your office is in a different location and on another network then you will need to run a core in each location and reauthorize them as mentioned above.

If you have been using the pc as your core for a while and now want to move to the nuc and keep the database see the instructions here.


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