10-15 sec to play Tidal through Roon

Playback from Tidal through Roon takes min.10-15sec before starting playback, and many times track playback just stops and moves to next. Maybe that has something to do with new Master collection and Roon & Tidal are working on it? Do you have any feedback or up-date about this behavior?

I have not noticed it, how is your internet speed?

Our internet speed is 25Mbps. Before we did latest changes everything works without any problem so I do believe internet speed should not be an issue. what do you think?

That should be plenty

Yes, I think so too, any suspect why I’m currently having such issue?

What changes were made?

Have you stopped and restarted the Roon core, to see if that helps?

the latest changes about reinstalling Windows OS, Audiophile Optimizer and Roon core, the others remain the same… that’s the reason I though it might be related with MQA and Tidal/Roon integration…

Hi @Milkyway ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us. Are you noticing the same behavior if you are using just the TIDAL application and not TIDAL + Roon?


Can you turn off the audio optimiser to see if that’s the cause?


yes I think I have done testing all possibilities to solve the issue, but it still remains. have you tested it at your end? please report me back what I have to do. Please~

Hi @Milkyway — Good to hear from you. By chance did you see my previous post to you in this thread? Can you confirm if you are you noticing the same behavior when using just the TIDAL application and not TIDAL + Roon?


Hi Eric,
when using Tidal app, it won’t be a problem. only problem occurred when using Tidal+Roon. That’s why I’m asking I may miss some points in Roon settings.
Thank you.

Hi @Milkyway ---- Thank you for following up with me and verifying that information. Both are appreciated!

In your report, you mentioned the following:

I have been streaming TIDAL only content for the last hour or so and have had no issues. Furthermore, in regard to the stopping and skipping behavior you are noting in your report, it sounds like you may be experiencing audio dropouts.

Can you please describe the setup you are using when you notice this behavior and a brief but accurate description of what your network configuration looks like as well. Please be sure to include any networking hardware you’re implementing in your network description.

Looking forward to your feedback!