100 Albums in Tidal library, Roon accessing over 800 albums?!

We have a C15 to which we have added circa 100 Tidal albums over the last few weeks.

Upon signing up to Roon, the overview menu shows 825 albums, of which about 25 are resident on my Macbook Pro. The remainder are all Tidal albums, the majority of which I am not familiar with.

This 825 shows up whether or not the C15 is turned on. Any of these albums will play via MS200 endpoints. Clearly Tidal has a vastly larger library than 825 albums, so how has Roon selected these particular albums?

Hi @Huw!

During initial setup, you may clicked the option to add some of our Tidal Collections to your library. We’re working on making this feature more clear, but if you’d like to remove the albums from your library, you can find more information here.

Hopefully that clears things up for you. Sorry for the confusion!