100 track per CD limit [Increased to 180]

I have a few albums that have greater than 100 tracks. It appears that for any directory containing more than 100 tracks, only the first 100 are available via roon.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Yah, I limited discs to 100 at first, then i raised it to 120 rows due to work titles for multipart works.

I was waiting for someone to have a legit use case for this…

what album do you have with more than 100 tracks? the CD can only have up to 99. i should actually say disc, since we support showing more than 100 tracks per album, just not per disc.

Rolling Stone Magazine 500 Greatest Songs of All Time - not an official album, but compiled and in a folder of its own nonetheless.

Wouldn’t it be better served as playlist?

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If I had all the albums making up the tracks in the listing yes, otherwise no.

I would also agree that the above Rolling Stone 500 list is a VERY good use case for having more Tracks per folder available for import

At the moment, I have it divided out into “albums” of 100 Tracks…but would prefer to have it all in one if possible

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I have two use cases that make sense for me:

  1. The way Sooloos handled multi-disc sets didn’t work for me, so when I ripped them, I did them as single, many-track albums. As an example, Leonhard Bernstein’s Mahler cycle was something like 130 tracks all together, and Bavouzet’s recent Debussy series is something like 104 tracks.

  2. Some playlists are important enough to want them preserved no matter if your system has to be restored from a back up (Sooloos couldn’t restore playlists) so I created albums of them. I have one that’s probably 190 tracks.

Just want to say that so far, I’m loving Roon. Great interface and lots of fun to use. I’m really enjoying the ease of adding to my library and trying to be less obsessive about grooming my data since my library has long been a work-in-progress with no end in sight anyway.

I’m finding that I need to re-evaluate metadata decisions I made previously, specifically regarding track limits. I got tired of dealing with multidisc sets a while back and used an AppleScript to albumize all my multidisc albums into one “disc”, some of which contain well over 100 tracks. Lots of Beatles bootlegs suffer from this issue (A/B Road is over 2000 tracks!!) and it appears I will need to go back and re-tag these to split them Ito multiple discs so they’ll appear in Roon. Same thing with some classical and jazz collections I have.

Small price to pay for the ease of use of the new software but a fix wouldn’t upset me any :smile:

If I recall correctly this limit is being revisited and will be removed - it was raised as an issue early on in the piece.

That’s great news!

The limit is still there. And for some usage examples:
E-books via tidal usually have a couple of hundred tracks (for instance ~300 tracks for “Muminpappans memoarer” - Tove Jansson :slight_smile: )

Jeroen van Veen’s “Satie: Complete Piano Music”, purchased as digital download, has 266 tracks :neutral_face:

thankfully, even though I just found about the 100 tracks limit, I opted for re-numbering everything accordingly to the 9 CDs edition

Ah! I was worried about this, then I saw the limit was per DISC, not per ALBUM. Many classical boxes, of course, have more than 100 tracks.But since the CD format is limited to 99, this is far less of a problem. I suppose, though that modern discs (say Blue-Ray) may be able to hold more than 99 tracks?

This is the problem. While a CD may be limited to 99 tracks, a box set isn’t, and it’s common for box sets to be presented as one disc with more than 100 tracks.

has 123 tracks, gets truncated at 120 (so close :slight_smile: )

This limit has been reported a number of times via the forum (e.g. here), but it’s still present. It would be nice to hear whether it’s on the list of things to be addressed. I have a number of podcast archives that have more than 120 tracks in them, and I’d like Roon to be able to handle them.

Guys, FYI, we are aware of this issue and we do have an internal ticket to address this.

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will the 120 track limit be fixed in roon 1.3

I have edith piaf complete recordings which is a digital download release

roon identifies all 150 tracks on the album edit page however only 120 tracks are shown

@support I thought this was dealt with long ago. No?

All — Please be advised that I have touched base with our developers and a fix is indeed set into place pending the release of 1.3. We appreciate your continued feedback and most importantly your patience.

Many thanks!